Danny Sumbler & Will Ferris

In Concert

Sunday 7th October
Time – 6.30pm for 7.00pm
Venue – Bridport Arts Centre

Two musicians who are not afraid to talk about what their mind’s influence is on their music. They will be putting this concert together to show the creative power of the mind and how it unleashes their creativity.

Whenever Will Ferris plays it is always guaranteed to be moving and emotionally charged. His self-penned and other material he performs, touch on the extremes of human experience and often this is linked with nature and environmental issues.

It illustrates how music can act as an outlet for processing the inner landscape and how to move forward in the outer world.


Danny Sumbler has an incredible voice, one that struck me on first listen as unmistakeable, whose tone and emotion blend perfectly to both express the musical melody, as well as tell the story so that each listener will identify with the song. That’s what I consider vocal magic.”  

          – Johnny Cash