Bel Mooney

Friday 5th October
Time – 7pm for 7.30pm
Venue – Town Hall

Words to Help You Through

Come and enjoy an evening with Bel Mooney, as she talks about her experiences being the nations favourite advice columnist writer of the much loved and many-faceted newspaper advice column; (Times & Daily Mail) which taught her much about the human condition. Despite never intending to write a problem page – Bel was soon astonished to realise that her new role felt more important than anything she had done before. 

Her collection, ‘Lifelines – Words to Help You Through’ draws on this experience. A fluent and popular media performer Mooney speaks with humour, honesty, compassion and inspiration about her own life lessons – and how she tries to bring this awareness to her millions of readers. The problems she deals with go to the heart of the human condition: depression, grief, angst, loneliness, and many others.