Privacy Policy

Bridport Mind Fest is run by a group of private individuals, and is not a business or organisation. For GDPR we don’t have to ask you to ‘opt in’, but your privacy is very important to us, and we will use any personal data that we have about you in accordance with EU and UK Data Protection Laws.

Information we collect
Email addresses for our Bridport Mind Fest mailing list are collected, processed and stored only with informed consent. All mailing list subscribers are informed about our use of their data and can opt-out at any time. Telephone numbers for people who wish to be contacted this way are also collected and stored only with informed consent. All emails are sent bcc so that only you see your contact details.

Third party organisations
We use social media sites to communicate about our work and forthcoming events. They share information with us about who has viewed, liked and commented on our posts.

We will never share your data with anyone else unless you have given your explicit and informed consent. We may need to disclose your details if required by the police, regulatory bodies or legal advisors.

What we use your data for
We only use your data so that we can stay in touch. If you have signed up to our email mailing list we will send out occasional newsletters about Bridport Mind fest, and similar organisations whose work we admire and feel aligns with our Bridport Mind Fest vision. We will also send out emails with information about upcoming events, along with posters and occasional leaflets. You can unsubscribe from this at any time.

Keeping your data secure
We hold your data securely, using password protection. Personal data will be stored until such time as it is no longer relevant, or individuals request to have their data deleted.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about your privacy and the ways we use your data. If you would like to change the way we contact you or update your details let us know. You can opt-out of the mailing list at any time.

Your rights
You have the following rights in relation to your personal data:

  • Request a copy of the personal information held about you.
  • Request inaccuracies to be corrected.
  • Request us to stop processing your personal data.
  • Withdraw your consent.
  • Complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you feel we have mishandled your personal data