Our Vision

Our hope is that the Mind Fest will reduce the stigma of mental illness and get people talking about, and looking after their mental wellbeing. 
As a consequence, we hope that more people dealing with mental health problems will feel able to ask for help and talk to their GP, teacher or parent. 
This would mean earlier treatment and diagnosis, hopefully reducing the serious impact of long term mental health problems.

Mental Health problems affect one in four of adults and one in ten children. We believe that a greater awareness of the importance of our mental health will reduce the impact on the increasing number of people who are becoming ill, and encourage early intervention.

Did you know; Two Thirds of People in the UK feel they have no-one to talk to about their Mental Health

Because the Festival is about looking out for each other, we hope that this will promote a culture of respecting other people’s mental health, wherever they are on the spectrum of wellbeing, whether at home or school or at work, or simply out and about. Remember we are all vulnerable.

Our Aims

  • An annual festival of arts, events, workshops, talks and exhibitions celebrating mental health
  • An all age festival with activities for schools and young people, and addressing the mental health concerns of an ageing population
  • To promote better understanding in the workplace, school and family
  • To promote a tolerant, caring and understanding society
  • To be accessible to everyone; all events are by donation only
  • To promote mental wellbeing for everyone, and encourage early intervention
  • To increase understanding and reduce stigma and discrimination around mental health
  • Celebrate the achievements and creativity of people with lived experience of mental health problems
  • To act as a signpost to local mental health services, and information that can help