Soup Kitchen Success!

I have come to realise that we walk beside the mind all our lives. It can be a brilliant creative friend, but it can take us to dark places. That is why I started the six day Bridport Mind Fest.

On Wednesday 20th June, Simon Williams, chair of Bridport Mind Fest attended a supper with a difference! Soup Kitchen is a great way for communities to support local initiatives. Over a bowl of soup, members from local good causes explained in a few minutes why they needed the money raised at the evening to support their work.

We are really pleased to say, that the faces round the table recognised the importance of the festival in supporting our town’s mental wellbeing and awarded us the pot! The money raised will help us to reach our goal of £7,000 to put this year’s festival on.

If you’d like to help support Mind Fest 2018, please visit our Crowdfunder to make a donation.

You can read Simon’s words in full here….