Can you help us create a supportive and caring society that looks after its mental wellbeing?

We need to raise £7,000 to make the festival happen in 2018.

How is the money being spent?

We rely on your support to be able to keep the festival  accessible to all. So access to everything is by donation.  

We need to raise around £7000 to make the festival happen this year, this covers things like print costs, venue hire and speakers’ expenses.

This chart shows how the spending breaks down.


Pledge to Support Us


Work with Young People

Mental Health problems affect nearly 1 in 10 school age young people. We want to change this, and have a targeted programme of work in schools and events in the festival aimed at supporting the mental wellbeing of our children and teenagers.

£20 can help us deliver this work


The Bridport Mood Wall

Drop In Cafes & Workshop Events

Reducing the stigma and discrimination faced by people experiencing mental health problems, means people feel supported in their community, and may feel able to ask for help sooner, reducing the liklihood of serious and long term issues affecting lives.

£50 will support the costs for 1 workshop during the festival.

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