We aspire to having:

  • An annual festival
  • an all age festival with a lot going on in the schools.
  • To include the mental aspects and concerns of the ageing population
  • To promote understanding in the workplace
  • To remove bullying from our society whether at school, in the family or at work
  • To be accessible to everyone
  • To help people be aware of the mind’s vulnerability
  • To signpost where to get help
  • We are trying to reduce the stigma and taboos that surround mental health
  • We want to increase understanding of it.
  • Through this we hope that people will have more empathy for each other
  • and those who fear they may be ill will seek help earlier than they otherwise would.
  • We want early intervention to reduce the severity of the onset of mental illness
  • we hope that all of these will be the results of the festival.

We believe that a greater awareness of the importance of our mental health will reduce the impact on the increasing number of people who are becoming ill. It will help people to cope better with something that affects one in four of adults and one in ten children. People being more aware will lead those who are ill, or think they possibly might be, to seeking help and advice earlier than they would otherwise have done. This in turn will lead to conditions being treated at an earlier stage, which is much more effective than letting the condition deteriorate.

The Festival hopes to address the fear and stigma associated with mental illness. Less stigma and more openness will reduce the impact on people with mental illness and everyone else substantially.

Mental illness can have a serious impact on individuals, families and friends. The impact on family, partners, friends, school, jobs and careers of mental illness is a major factor in our societies wellbeing. We hope it will be lessened if people are more aware of the impact it has and what to do about it.

Because the Festival is about looking out for each other, we hope that this will promote a culture of respecting other people’s mental wellbeing, wherever they are on the spectrum of wellbeing, whether at home or school or at work, or simply out and about. Remember we are all vulnerable.

For this to happen, everything has to be accessible to everybody, even the programme. This can only happen if you don’t have to pay to engage with the festival. So, we are saying: everyone can access all events regardless of means. Of course, the Festival has to be paid for and we hope that those who can, will donate to it. We are very grateful to those who have through our crowdfunding page and else-where. In particular, we are grateful to the Town Council for having the faith to make a grant when the festival was only an idea, and Dorset County Council for donating for the festivals work with children and young people.

We hope that you will find the Festival rewarding and fruitful and further your appreciation of the creative aspect of the mind. Ultimately the Festival’s gift is for the wellbeing of your mind and the Mind of Bridport.